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Everyday Eats was inspired by childhood memories of baking with mom. The tradition of baking delicious and nostalgic desserts runs deep. Mom always offered her cookies and brownies warm and with lots of love. She still believes the kitchen is the heartbeat of the family and the one place families come together to laugh and enjoy quality time. Along the way, I began to struggle with gut health issues. My personal journey became the driving force that led me to tweak those nostalgic recipes and offer them to a more health conscious consumer. 


Today, mom and I handcraft each product to be as decadent and delicious as the original recipes, but with only simple, wholesome, organic ingredients that are always gluten and dairy free. 


Everyday Eats was born with the intent of sharing our love of baking healthy nutritious goodness. Our small business has a huge heart and we sincerely appreciate your support. We make it our mission to always deliver uncompromised quality and taste. From our kitchen to you, enjoy each and every bit!

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